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IELTS Bar Chart Mannequin Reply 2023

An IELTS bar chart and mannequin reply for 2023. The IELTS bar chart beneath was reported in IELTS writing job 1 (Educational) this yr. I’ve created a mannequin reply lesson which has a helpful language focus for you. Whereas this job 1 is in bar chart type, it really exhibits change over time which implies you’ll be additionally utilizing language that’s usually used for describing line graphs. It’s completely different from the standard bar charts you see in IELTS which present comparisons of classes. This implies it’s extra much like a line graph than a standard bar chart. For that reason, I prefer to name such bar charts: bar charts of change over time. Some of these bar charts do seem in IELTS writing job 1 fairly repeatedly so look out for them.

IELTS Bar Chart for 2023

Observe that the chart depicted above was despatched to me from an IELTS candidate.

Mannequin Reply for 2023 Bar Chart

Directions: Fill within the mannequin reply utilizing the language choices introduced beneath:

The bar chart illustrates how a lot vitality was produced by wind in 4 international locations (India, Denmark, Germany and the USA) in 4 years (1985, 1990, 1995 and 2000). Models are measured in megawatts.

General, the US produced probably the most wind vitality over the interval given besides within the ultimate yr when Denmark produced probably the most. India, Denmark and Germany witnessed 1) ……….. over time within the quantity of vitality they generated, whereas the US confirmed 2) ………. adopted by a slight decline.

When it comes to the US, vitality manufacturing stood at 1200 megawatts in 1985. It peaked in 1990 at simply over 1600 earlier than 3) ……….. round 100 to 1500 within the ultimate yr.

Then again, the vitality generated in Denmark was simply over 200 megawatts in 1985 after which 4) …………. over time 5) …………  simply over 1600 in 2000. India additionally noticed 6) …………. in vitality technology, beginning at 200 and ending at 1200. Lastly, Germany noticed 7) ………….. , solely doubling over the interval to succeed in simply over 800.

Fill within the gaps with the next phrases:

  • A.   a big rise
  • B.   falling by
  • C.   to peak at
  • D.   a gentle climb
  • E.   a a lot decrease development price
  • F.   an preliminary enhance
  • G.   rose virtually eight-fold


Click on beneath to indicate the solutions:



  1. D
    • This refers to all three international locations (Denmark, India and Germany). Some international locations had important will increase however not all. So, utilizing the phrase “regular enhance” is a greater description to make use of for all three.
    • Having D on this hole will then permit using “a big rise (A) for hole quantity 6 which pertains to India solely, which positively was important in vitality development.
  2. F
    • We are able to see that the one nation with a development price that occurred solely within the first yr was the US.
    • The reply can’t be G as a result of an eight-fold rise means it grew from, for instance, 100 to 800 (8 instances in development) – this isn’t true.
    • The reply can’t be D as a result of the phrase “regular” refers to a good rise over a time frame as proven within the chart – the chart solely exhibits an increase from one single column to the following, not over all columns.
    • It may possibly’t be E as a result of the expansion price wasn’t slower than different international locations on the time.
  3. B
    • Practically all of you bought this proper. Nicely carried out!
  4. G
    • Most of you bought this one proper too. Nicely carried out!
    • The reply can’t be A as a result of it might be incorrect grammar. The sentence is “the vitality generated was X quantity after which …..”. This hole requires a verb to comply with the phrase “and”.
  5. C
    • Most of you bought this proper. Nicely carried out!
    • The ultimate yr for Denmark is important as a result of it’s a particular peak in the entire chart. Practically all charts exhibiting change over time can have one particular peak that you need to point out.
  6. A
    • This rise is important. We are able to additionally say “appreciable”. It rose from 200 to 1200 – that’s an enormous rise.
    • Sure we may describe this as a gentle rise (D) as a result of it was constant in development over the interval. However this doesn’t spotlight how massive the rise was which is the primary level and in addition, we used choice D already. So, the reply have to be A.
  7. E
    • Most of you bought this proper. Nicely carried out !
    • This ultimate paragraph is about Demark, India and Germany. From these three international locations, Germany positively confirmed the slowest development price over the interval.

Don’t use this mannequin reply solely as a spot fill train. Discover the construction, organisation and content material of paragraphs. Discover the grammar used. Discover the paraphrasing used.


I hope you discovered this lesson helpful, Liz 


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