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50 Incredible 4th Grade Science Initiatives and Experiments

Nothing will get youngsters extra excited for science than hands-on experiments! Watch your 4th grade science college students’ eyes mild up once they attempt a few of these actions. You’ll discover physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, and extra. These initiatives are simple to arrange and actually assist drive the educational house. Prepare for some science enjoyable!

That can assist you discover the proper 4th grade science initiatives and actions, we’ve rated all of them based mostly on problem and supplies:


  • Straightforward: Low or no-prep experiments you are able to do just about any time
  • Medium: These take slightly extra setup or an extended time to finish
  • Superior: Experiments like these take a reasonably large dedication of time or effort


  • Fundamental: Easy objects you in all probability have already got round the home
  • Medium: Objects that you just won’t have already got however are simple to get your arms on
  • Superior: These require specialised or costlier provides to finish

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4th Grade Science Truthful Initiatives

These 4th grade experiments additionally work nicely as science honest initiatives. Attempt altering up the variables to show it into an actual experiment, then type a speculation and discover out what occurs.

Blow unpoppable bubbles

Student's gloved hand holding a soap bubble next to a window (Fourth Grade Science)
Studying Assets

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

A cleaning soap bubble you’ll be able to maintain in your hand? It’s true! Slightly glycerin makes the cleaning soap bubble layers stronger, so you’ll be able to even toss them gently from individual to individual.

Be taught extra: Unpoppable Bubbles Experiment at Studying Assets

Develop crystal names

Crystalized pipe cleaner letters against a black background
Playdough to Plato

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

No checklist of 4th grade science initiatives could be full with out crystals! Children of all ages love rising crystals, making this a great method to study supersaturated options. The basic experiment will get a brand new twist when you might have youngsters form pipe cleaners into their very own names first.

Be taught extra: Crystal Letters at Playdough to Plato

Develop micro organism in petri dishes

6 petri dishes growing a variety of molds and bacteria
Steve Spangler Science

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Your college students will actually really feel like scientists once they carry out this basic experiment. They’ll prep the dishes with agar, swab totally different surfaces, and see what micro organism they develop. It’s gross science, however it’s additionally simple and spectacular.

Be taught extra: Rising Micro organism at Steve Spangler Science

See coastal erosion in motion

Plastic bin filled with sand, shells, and water to simulate a beach, with a hand holding a plastic bottle in the water (Fourth Grade Science)
Little Bins for Little Arms

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Right here’s a cool experiment to incorporate in your unit on oceans. Construct a miniature shoreline, then see how wave motion erodes the shore.

Be taught extra: Erosion Experiment at Little Bins for Little Arms

Erupt a lemon volcano

Cut lemon in a blue bowl covered in colorful fizzy foam
STEAM Powered Household

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Early chemistry experiments with acids and bases are at all times a number of enjoyable. This one makes use of the pure acids of lemon juice and provides slightly meals coloring to up the wow issue.

Be taught extra: Lemon Volcano at STEAM Powered Household

Sink and float to discover density

Series of glasses filled with liquid labeled baking soda water, sugar water, control plain water, and salt water, with red and blue objects floating in each
Science Kiddo

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Including objects like salt or sugar to water adjustments its density, as does the temperature itself. Flip this right into a 4th grade science honest mission by experimenting with totally different options and forming hypotheses in regards to the outcomes.

Be taught extra: Salt Water Density at Science Kiddo

Uncover a density rainbow

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Colourful, easy, and spectacular: It’s the trifecta of 4th grade science experiments! Wow your college students by layering coloured sugar water as you study density, adhesion, and cohesion.

Remodel milk into plastic

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Plastic appears extremely fashionable, however individuals have been making casein plastic from milk for hundreds of years. On this 4th grade science mission, college students experiment to create the formulation for one of the best milk plastic. They’ll be amazed on the outcomes!

Simulate an earthquake

Fourth grade science teacher's hand shaking a pan of Jello topped with a house model made of toothpicks and marshmallows
Instructing Science

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

The bottom beneath our toes could really feel stable, however an earthquake adjustments that fairly rapidly. Use Jell-O to simulate the Earth’s crust, then see in case you can construct an earthquake-proof construction for a sensible and engaging 4th grade science honest mission.

Be taught extra: Earthquake Simulation at Instructing Science

Take a look at Sharpie solubility

Coffee filters colored with marker, dipped into vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water
Across the Kampfire

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Discover out if Sharpie markers are actually everlasting with this 4th grade science mission that makes use of the scientific technique to discover solutes and solvents.

Be taught extra: Sharpie Solubility at Across the Kampfire

Discover out if temper rings actually work

Student's hand holding a blue mood ring in front of a thermometer

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Apply the pains of the scientific technique to temper rings! Discover out what makes temper rings change coloration, then see in the event that they actually replicate an individual’s temper.

Be taught extra: Temper Rings Validity Take a look at at

Create a brand new plant or animal

Science project showing an imaginary plant called a Snap-a-Doodle
I Love 2 Train

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Children will actually get into this mission, indulging their creativity as they create a plant or animal that’s by no means been seen earlier than. They’ll want to have the ability to clarify the biology behind all of it, although, making this an in-depth mission you’ll be able to tailor to any class.

Be taught extra: Create an Organism at I Love 2 Train

Examine decomposition

Plastic bag containing a plate of rotting food
Thriller Science

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Straightforward

Yup, it’s gross … so youngsters will like it! Seal meals objects in a plastic bag and experiment to see what elements have an effect on their decomposition, helped alongside by a heaping dose of mould.

Be taught extra: Decomposition at Thriller Science

Assemble a lung mannequin

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

With just some provides together with balloons and a plastic bottle, you may make a powerful working mannequin of human lungs. This makes a really cool 4th grade science honest mission.

Discover the causes of tooth decay

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

They hear it from their mother and father on a regular basis, however this experiment will show to your college students as soon as and for all what can occur to their enamel when uncovered to totally different drinks akin to soda and milk. That is a type of basic 4th grade science honest initiatives each child ought to attempt.

4th Grade STEM Problem Science Initiatives

For college students who like to tinker, STEM challenges can spark unbelievable 4th grade science honest initiatives. Listed here are a few of our favorites for this age group.

Engineer a drinking-straw curler coaster

Student building a roller coaster of drinking straws for a ping pong ball (Fourth Grade Science)
Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Women

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

STEM challenges are at all times a success with youngsters. We love this one, which solely requires fundamental provides like consuming straws. (Get extra 4th grade STEM challenges right here.)

Be taught extra: Consuming Straw Curler Coaster at Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Women

Make a wigglebot

Wigglebot made of a plastic cup and markers
Analysis Mother or father

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Who knew electrical energy might be so cute? Discover the science behind batteries and motors by making a easy “wigglebot.” Experiment with weights to throw the motor off steadiness and create enjoyable designs.

Be taught extra: Wigglebot at Analysis Mother or father

Assemble a working flashlight

Student using a flashlight made from a few supplies and an index card
Thriller Science

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

You’ll solely want just a few provides to information your college students in constructing their very own LED flashlights. They’ll learn the way electrical energy travels and the best way circuits work. The slideshow accessible via the hyperlink makes this lesson a breeze for academics too.

Be taught extra: DIY Flashlight at Thriller Science

Construct a hovercraft

Inflated yellow balloon attached to a CD by a bottle cap

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

It’s not precisely the identical mannequin the navy makes use of, however this straightforward hovercraft is quite a bit simpler to construct. An outdated CD and a balloon assist exhibit air strain and friction on this enjoyable 4th grade science experiment.

Be taught extra: DIY Hovercraft at

Create a smartphone projector

Cardboard box with a magnifying glass embedded in it, with a smart phone
The STEM Laboratory

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

No projector in your classroom but? No downside! Have your college students make it easier to assemble one in your smartphone utilizing a cardboard field and giant magnifying glass. They’ll study convex lenses and the way the mind processes pictures too.

Be taught extra: DIY Smartphone Projector at The STEM Laboratory

Arrange a pulley system

Pulley system made of cans and yarn mounted on a piece of cardboard
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

The science of machines by no means fails to fascinate youngsters. On this experiment, they’ll design their very own pulley system to make it simpler to carry an object.

Be taught extra: DIY Pulley at 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Design a working elevator

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Engineering actions make for wonderful hands-on studying. Problem your 4th grade college students to construct an elevator that may safely carry a specific amount of weight.

Make a mannequin seismometer

Paper cup suspended by strings, with a marker sticking out the bottom making lines on a strip of paper
Science Sparks

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Discover the science of seismology and learn the way scientists examine earthquakes and their results. This mannequin seismometer is simple to construct and enjoyable to experiment with.

Be taught extra: Mannequin Seismometer at Science Sparks

Conduct an egg drop

Paper straws taped around an egg in a triangle shape
Buggy and Buddy

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Right here’s another basic so as to add to our checklist of 4th grade science experiments: the egg drop! The wonderful thing about this mission is that children can do it at any age, with totally different supplies and heights to combine it up. Hit the hyperlink beneath to get an egg drop mission designed only for 4th graders.

Be taught extra: Egg Drop at Buggy and Buddy

Display Newton’s legal guidelines of movement with balloon rockets

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Who doesn’t love balloon rockets?! Your college students may have a blast(off) displaying Newton’s third legislation of movement whereas studying about physics.

4th Grade Movement and Vitality Science Actions

Many 4th grade science requirements embrace items on power and movement. These power science actions supply cool hands-on methods to boost your classroom classes.

Flick marbles to be taught switch of power

Fourth grade science student flicking a marble along the ridge in a ruler
Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Women

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

This experiment is a little bit of a thinker: What is going to occur when one shifting marble hits a number of stationary marbles sitting in a row? Flick the primary marble and discover out!

Be taught extra: Marble Vitality Switch at Frugal Enjoyable for Boys and Women

See power switch in motion with sports activities balls

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Place a tennis ball on prime of a basketball and bounce them collectively to see how power transfers from one object to a different. This one may be very simple, and children will love seeing how excessive they’ll get the balls to bounce!

Go an on power scavenger hunt

A printable energy scavenger hunt on bright green paper against a blue background
The Science Penguin

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Emphasize the truth that power is throughout us in a single type or one other with this simple, free printable power science exercise. For a extra superior model, assist college students determine every type of power (kinetic, saved, warmth, and so on.) they discover.

Be taught extra: Vitality Scavenger Hunt at The Science Penguin

See a heat-powered windmill exhibit convection

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Warmth rises, and its interplay with cooler air creates convection currents. Learn how we are able to put convection to work for us with this 4th grade science craft mission.

Seize waves in a bottle

Plastic bottle with blue water and a toy ship inside
What I Have Discovered Instructing

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Right here’s a fast and simple method to present wave motion in a no-mess method. You don’t want so as to add slightly ship to the bottle, however it does make it extra enjoyable!

Be taught extra: Waves in a Bottle at What I Have Discovered Instructing

Assemble a wave machine

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Medium

Flip this one into a category cooperative exercise, or attempt it as a science honest mission concept. Both method, it’s an extremely fascinating method to exhibit the power science of waves.

Use a Slinky to exhibit varieties of waves

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

A Slinky is greater than only a toy—it’s additionally a terrific science manipulative! Use it to see waves in movement, each longitudinal and transverse.

Watch gravity beads show Newton’s legal guidelines

Child holding a cup of blue bead strings, watching them flow out of the cup
Train Beside Me

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

You’ll want a loooooooong string of beads for this experiment. Make your individual by taping dollar-store strings collectively, or purchase a lengthy bead garland. Pile them in a cup and get the beads going; it’s fascinating to observe inertia and gravity at work.

Be taught extra: Gravity Beads at Train Beside Me

Spin marble tops to study inertia

Colorful marbles glued together in several pyramidal shapes

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Glue collectively marbles in a wide range of pyramidal patterns to type tops, then type hypotheses about which is able to spin greatest. Afterwards, youngsters may have enjoyable new toys to play with!

Be taught extra: Marble Tops at

Visualize the second legislation of movement with soda cans

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Newton’s second legislation, regarding acceleration, drive, and mass, generally is a little arduous to grasp. This simple 4th grade science demo makes it slightly simpler to visualise.

Extra 4th Grade Science Initiatives and Actions

Use these cool science experiments to encourage a love of science, at house or within the classroom!

Measure a magnet’s attraction drive

Small magnet, paper clip, ruler, and instruction card
Ashleigh’s Schooling Journey

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Fourth grade science college students already know that magnets entice metallic objects. On this experiment, they’ll measure to see how shut a magnet must be to an object for the attraction to work. Combine issues up with totally different sizes of magnets and objects of assorted weights.

Be taught extra: Magnet Measurements at Ashleigh’s Schooling Journey

See mild refraction in motion

Student dipping a drawing into a glass of water, using light refraction to make the color disappear
Ronyes Tech

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

This appears extra like a magic trick, however we promise it’s science! Make colours appear to look and disappear, change numbers into letters, and extra.

Be taught extra: Mild Refraction at Ronyes Tech

“Draw” on water with dry-erase marker

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

That is one other a type of mind-blowing science demos that children will need to attempt again and again. Draw on a shallow bowl or plate with dry-erase markers, then slowly add water. The marker (which is insoluble in water) will float to the highest!

Paint with sunscreen

Sun painted onto a piece of black construction paper using sunscreen
Workforce Cartwright

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Show that sunscreen actually does present safety from dangerous UV rays. Flip this right into a full-blown experiment by making an attempt totally different SPFs or evaluating it to different lotions or lotions with out SPF.

Be taught extra: Paint With Sunscreen at Workforce Cartwright

Change into human sundials

Fourth grade science students measuring their outlines drawn in sidewalk chalk on the playground
Rhythms of Play

Problem: Medium / Supplies: Fundamental

Select a sunny day and seize some sidewalk chalk—your college students are about to change into sundials! They’ll follow measuring expertise and be taught in regards to the motion of the solar throughout the sky.

Be taught extra: Human Sundial at Rhythms of Play

Mine for chocolate chips

Student's hand digging through a crumbled cookie to pull out chocolate chips
Sarah’s STEM Stuff

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

For those who’re studying about mineral sources, this fast hands-on exercise is an attention-grabbing method to discover the results of mining. Children have two minutes to search out as many chocolate chips as they’ll in a cookie. Will they smash it up and destroy it fully? Choose them out one after the other? This experiment can result in intriguing discussions.

Be taught extra: Mining for Chocolate Chips at Sarah’s STEM Stuff

Assemble an edible DNA mannequin

Student holding a DNA model made from Twizzlers, colored marshmallows, and toothpicks

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Use licorice sticks, 4 different-colored candies or fruits, and toothpicks to construct an edible strand of DNA. Study chemical bonds and the helix form, then eat your creation!

Be taught extra: Edible DNA Mannequin at wikiHow

Layer an edible soil mannequin

Clear cup layered with chocolate chip bedrock, pudding subsoil, crushed cookie topsoil, and coconut grass
Tremendous Trainer Weblog

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Digging within the dust is enjoyable, however it’s much more enjoyable when you’ll be able to eat the dust if you’re completed! Create edible soil-layer fashions, full with gummy worms, for a easy earth science mission. (Discover extra edible science initiatives right here.)

Be taught extra: Edible Soil Layers at Tremendous Trainer Weblog

Flip a penny inexperienced

Five pennies turned various shades of green
Buggy and Buddy

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Experiment with easy chemical reactions as you flip pennies inexperienced utilizing vinegar. (Don’t overlook to inform college students that the Statue of Liberty is inexperienced for this exact same motive!)

Be taught extra: Penny Reactions at Buggy and Buddy

Use marshmallows to discover Boyle’s legislation

Fourth grade science students holding large syringes filled with colorful marshmallows
Hojo’s Instructing Adventures

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Seeing Boyle’s legislation (which relates strain and quantity of gasses) in motion makes it slightly simpler to grasp and keep in mind. This easy 4th grade science experiment makes use of marshmallows to make an excellent visible.

Be taught extra: Boyle’s Legislation at Hojo’s Instructing Adventures

Kind ocean currents

Glass pan full of blue and purple swirls of water, with ice cubes and plastic sea creatures
Life Over C’s

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Fundamental

Studying about oceanography? Display how ocean currents type utilizing heat and chilly water (and some plastic sea creatures for additional enjoyable!).

Be taught extra: Ocean Currents at Life Over C’s

Perceive the influence of non-renewable sources

Index cards with various pasta types glued to them, including rotini, rigatoni, and shells
The Owl Trainer

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

It is a neat Earth Day exercise. Talk about the variations between renewable and non-renewable sources, then have your class type “firms” to “mine” non-renewable sources. As they compete, they’ll see how rapidly the sources are used. It’s an excellent tie-in to power conservation discussions.

Be taught extra: Non-Renewable Assets at The Owl Trainer

Discover blood parts

Glass jars full of corn syrup, red candy, and marshmallows
Nearly Supermom

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Use easy kitchen provides to create a jar stuffed with “blood” that features plasma, platelets, crimson blood cells, and white blood cells. (You’ll be able to even snack on the blood cells alongside the best way!)

Be taught extra: Blood Mannequin at Nearly Supermom

Create cool colours with sweet

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Study diffusion within the sweetest method! Seize a bag of Skittles for this fast and simple 4th grade science mission.

Wow them with glowing water

Three bottles of water, one clear, one glowing blow, and one glowing green
Cool Science Experiments Headquarters

Problem: Straightforward / Supplies: Medium

Your college students will ooh and aah at the results of this exploratory method to present phosphors in motion with a black mild, several types of water, and a highlighter. The outcomes of this experiment would possibly shock each you and your college students!

Be taught extra: Glowing Water Experiment at Cool Science Experiments Headquarters

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