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Learn how to repair stick drift in your PS5 controller

Key Takeaways

  • Stick drift is a typical subject with the PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, however there are a number of dependable fixes you may attempt.
  • Clearing particles by rotating the analog stick, and cleansing the bottom of the stick (the bearing), are two efficient options.
  • Resetting the controller’s Bluetooth connection, updating the software program, and adjusting in-game lifeless zone settings may also repair PS5 controller drift.

Whereas the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 is nice in lots of respects – stellar haptics, snug form, and implausible triggers – some PS5 avid gamers have sadly discovered that it could endure from joystick drift.

Stick drift is when the console or sport registers motion regardless that you have not moved the analogue stick. It is most frequently brought on by joystick degradation or particles below or across the thumbstick.


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We have tried a number of completely different fixes for controller drift and had good outcomes. Based mostly on these checks, are some issues you may attempt to repair your PS5 controller drift.

Repair 1: Clear particles by slowly rotating the analogue stick

This repair is without doubt one of the hottest ones on Reddit (thanks, “echoey-tentacle2“), and for good motive. It is easy to do, and has a greater success charge for fixing PS5 stick drift than some harder options.

To clear particles by rotating the analogue stick, do the next.

  1. Gently press whichever stick is drifting, simply previous the purpose of its button-click.
  2. Sustaining this light strain, transfer the stick in a clockwise circle for about 30 rotations.
  3. Sustaining the identical strain, transfer the stick in an anti-clockwise circle for 30 rotations.
  4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and three, making use of barely extra strain to the thumbstick.
  5. Preserve repeating, including further strain, till you are including a reasonable quantity of strain to the stick.
  6. Strive lifting the stick out of its housing and rotating a couple of occasions, too.

ps5 dualsense controller key features details and all you need to know photo 11

PlayStation DualSense Wi-fi Controller

Many PS5 avid gamers have discovered that this resolves their stick drift as a result of it could dislodge any particles that could be interfering.

Repair 2: Clear the bottom of the stick

Typically, any particles or gunk inflicting stick drift may be cleared away by merely cleansing the bottom of the stick (the bearing), with out taking aside the controller.

There are 4 methods you are able to do this, although we are able to solely formally advocate the primary manner as a result of the others might pose some danger of injury.

With a microfiber fabric

Cleansing the issue joystick with a clear microfiber fabric is the most secure and best cleansing methodology. Merely tilt the persist with reveal the a part of its bearing that is often lined by the case and begin to gently wipe with the material, making certain you get within the hole between the stick and case. Transfer the stick round slowly to entry completely different components of the bearing for cleansing.

With compressed air

Along with wiping with a clear microfiber fabric, you possibly can attempt blowing compressed air into the slight hole between the thumbstick and controller casing to dislodge any particles, attempting from a couple of completely different positions across the thumbstick. Simply make sure you maintain the can upright to maintain the air clear


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With contact cleaner

In case you’re snug taking the chance, you possibly can attempt turning the controller off and spraying contact (electrical) cleaner into the hole between the analogue stick and controller casing, as a substitute of compressed air.

Correct contact cleaner should not trigger any injury to electronics, however it’s extra dangerous than utilizing no answer in any respect, so use it at your personal danger.

With isopropyl alcohol

If you cannot entry any contact cleaner, you possibly can attempt turning the controller off, wiping isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) across the base of the stick, then gently urgent the stick down and rotating it a couple of occasions, ready for it to dry, and turning the controller again on.

That is unlikely to trigger an issue with the circuitry as a result of rubbing alcohol dries rapidly and is not very conductive. However, once more, it is nonetheless extra dangerous than not utilizing something in any respect, so use it at your personal danger.

Repair 3: Reset the controller’s Bluetooth connection

Some customers have discovered that resetting their PS5 controller’s Bluetooth connection fastened their controller drift. This is how one can flip your DualSense controller’s Bluetooth on and off:

  1. Press the PlayStation button in your controller and choose Equipment.
  2. Choose Bluetooth Equipment.
  3. Select your controller and choose Delete.
  4. Press the PlayStation button and the Share button collectively and choose Sure.

Repair 4: Replace your PS5 and controller software program

Whereas outdated software program is not a typical reason for controller drift, it does not damage to make sure your controller and PlayStation 5 are each up-to-date. This is how one can replace your PS5 and controller software program.

Learn how to replace your PS5 software program

To replace your PS5 software program, go to Dwelling -> Settings -> System -> System Software program -> System Software program Replace and Settings -> Replace System Software program, then select to replace through USB or Wi-Fi.


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Learn how to replace your PS5 controller software program

To replace your PS5 controller software program, first plug it into your PS5 through USB. Then press the PlayStation button and navigate to Equipment -> Wi-fi Controller System Software program. It is best to be capable to replace your software program from this display screen if it is not already up-to-date.

Repair 5: Manufacturing unit reset the controller

Typically, manufacturing facility resetting your PS5 controller to default settings can repair controller drift.

To manufacturing facility reset your PS5 controller, insert one thing skinny comparable to a paperclip into the outlet on the underside of the controller, subsequent to the Sony brand, and maintain down the reset button for a couple of seconds till the controller lights flash off.

Repair 6: Regulate in-game lifeless zone (enter threshold) settings

If not one of the above works, and you continue to have stick drift, you would possibly be capable to remove it by adjusting the “lifeless zone” (enter threshold) settings to your analogue sticks in every sport. This setting is often discovered within the “Controller settings” (or equal) tab of a sport’s settings.

An analogue stick’s lifeless zone is the gap that it should be moved earlier than the sport registers any motion. In case you improve the enter threshold by a few factors, the sport would possibly ignore the inaccurate actions inflicting stick drift. In truth, you may simply improve the enter threshold bit-by-bit till the stick drift is now not a problem. If the brink is low, the lifeless zone may not even be noticeable as you play.

Repair 7: If in case you have a DualSense Edge controller, exchange the sticks

Sony DualSense Edge controller for PS5-3

In case you’re fortunate sufficient to personal a DualSense Edge controller somewhat than a traditional DualSense controller, you could be in luck, as a result of Edge controllers have replaceable analogue sticks.


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The DualSense Edge controller has a launch button on the again. To swap out a stick, merely slide the discharge button to launch the entrance cowl, take away the quilt, flick the analog stick’s lever to the facet, slide the stick out, exchange it with a brand new one, shut the lever over it, and exchange the quilt.

Repair 8: In case you do not thoughts the chance, disassemble and clear your controller

If in case you have notably cussed controller drift and nothing to this point has labored, you possibly can attempt disassembling the controller and cleansing it as soon as fully disassembled. However we might advocate that solely consultants do that, and provided that you are glad voiding your guarantee.

Disassembling your PS5 controller and cleansing its internals might injury it. It’s going to additionally void your guarantee.

In case you determine to disassemble your controller regardless of the dangers, this is how to take action:

  1. Take away the black half of your controller’s cowl by prying it aside on the seams on the facet of the controller with a skinny flat-head screwdriver.
  2. Come out the L1 and R1 buttons by inserting and levering a flat-head screwdriver between these buttons and the triggers under.
  3. Unscrew the L1 and R1 screws and the screws on the underside of every of the handles.
  4. Pry the white cowl from the black cowl by prying between the seams alongside the edges.
  5. Pull out the 2 hooks fastidiously on the front-inside of the analogue sticks.
  6. Unplug the battery.
  7. Unscrew the battery cowl.
  8. Disconnect all flat cables connecting the PCB to the encompassing {hardware}.
  9. Carry the PCB and switch it the wrong way up to entry the sticks.
  10. Now you may clear extra totally with compressed air or contact cleaner.

Repair 9: Return your PS5 controller for restore

Sony PlayStation's DualSense controller repair request page

If not one of the above fixes work, you have had your controller for lower than a 12 months, and you have not determined to void your guarantee by disassembling the controller, you may ship it in for restore.

Go to the PlayStation restore web page, choose your controller, comply with the on-screen prompts, and you have to be given the choice to “Request Restore”.



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