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Terraform VMware Cloud Director Supplier v3.11.0

Terraform VMware Cloud Director Supplier v3.11.0 is offered now, including help for VMware Cloud Director 10.5.1 and dropping compatibility with 10.3, in addition to introducing many new options and enhancements.

Including help for Container Service Extension (CSE) 4.1

This new model of the supplier updates each the set up information and the cluster administration information to replicate the brand new parts which might be required for purchasers to start out utilizing CSE 4.1, corresponding to the brand new information supply vcd_rde_behavior_invocation.
This information supply is used to invoke the Runtime Outlined Entity Habits that enables to retrieve the Kubeconfig of the provisioned Kubernetes clusters.

All of the examples that had been supplied in earlier releases have been upgraded with the brand new info and sources from v3.11.0.

Extending the Runtime Outlined Entity (RDE) framework with new capabilities

This launch features a new information supply and a number of other enhancements of the present RDE sources and information sources:

  • Customers can now automate RDE Habits invocation with the brand new vcd_rde_behavior_invocation information supply, which invokes an present Habits (outlined with both vcd_rde_interface_behavior or vcd_rde_type_behavior) and saves the consequence into Terraform state.
  • The prevailing rde_type useful resource and information supply now help Habits hooks with the brand new hook blocks, that enable to mechanically invoke Behaviors on sure RDE lifecycle occasions.
  • The vcd_rde useful resource and information supply now help metadata with the brand new metadata_entry blocks.

This launch additionally consists of a number of enhancements on RDE sources and information sources you can verify within the venture’s changelog.

NSX-T Phase Profiles get full help in v3.11.0

Terraform VCD Supplier v3.11 will get a bundle of sources and information sources to handle NSX-T Phase Profiles. Here’s a full format of what’s accessible:

5 new wealthy information sources that not solely enable customers to lookup IDs for referencing functions, but in addition expose each configuration facet for every kind of Phase Profile:

Going additional, a brand new useful resource vcd_nsxt_segment_profile_template is offered to construct VCD Phase Profile Templates utilizing the above talked about information sources.

And at last, 3 new sources that may set default Phase Profiles at completely different layers of VCD infrastructure:

Be aware: every of the lower-level useful resource can override the higher-level configuration.

Useful resource and information supply vcd_nsxt_edgegateway proceed to develop and this launch provides help for Phase Backed Exterior Community configuration by way of new configuration block

IP Area help enhancements

  • Useful resource and information supply vcd_ip_space now help NAT and Firewall creation configuration utilizing fields default_firewall_rule_creation_enabled,
    default_no_snat_rule_creation_enabled, default_snat_rule_creation_enabled.
  • vcd_ip_space_ip_allocation provides new subject worth for allocating a consumer specified IP or Prefix on VCD 10.4.2+.

New experimental options: vGPU Insurance policies and improved Terraform Imports

This launch provides a brand new useful resource, vcd_vm_vgpu_policy, and two information sources, vcd_vm_vgpu_policy and vcd_vgpu_profile, to create, handle and eat vGPU Insurance policies.

It additionally provides help for the experimental Config-driven Import function. This considerably eases importing of present VCD environments into Terraform administration by automating technology of HCL configuration recordsdata. There’s a brand new information on the right way to use this function preview (requires Terraform v1.5.0+).

Supplier-side enhancements

Terraform VCD Supplier v3.11 provides new enhancements to the Supplier tooling set:

  • A brand new useful resource and information supply vcd_network_pool to handle Community Swimming pools.
  • The prevailing vcd_provider_vdc helps metadata administration with the metadata_entry blocks.

vApp and VM enhancements

This launch additionally introduces new options to the already present vcd_vm and vcd_vapp_vm sources and information sources:

  • Added help for the metadata that’s auto-generated in standalone VMs and vApp VMs in VCD 10.5.1+, with the brand new inherited_metadata map. The entries
    saved there give details about the origin of the VM.
  • Added choice to specify Boot Firmware (BIOS/EFI) and Safe Boot (VCD 10.4.1+) within the boot_options block of those sources.
  • Added Lease settings for vcd_catalog_vapp_template with the lease block, the place customers can specify how lengthy the vApp Template is offered earlier than being mechanically deleted or marked as expired.

Record of recent sources and information sources

  • 8 new sources:
  • 14 new information sources:

There are extra options and enhancements, which you’ll be able to see within the venture’s changelog.
And, as all the time, we’re awaiting your suggestions and ideas in GitHub Points and #vcd-terraform-dev Slack channel (



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