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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Actions

Yearly on the third Monday of January, we commemorate the life and work of civil rights chief Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On MLK Day, we honor Dr. King’s legacy with a nationwide day of service to higher our communities. Within the classroom, this can be a time for college kids to study Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, legacy, and contributions to the Civil Rights Motion. 

Enrich your Martin Luther King Day classes by guiding college students in service-based studying and significant reflection that they’ll bear in mind for years to return. And remember that Martin Luther King Jr. Day is solely a place to begin for additional dialogue. Proceed these conversations about Dr. King’s work for racial equality, financial justice, and worldwide peace together with your class year-round.

For those who’re searching for significant MLK Day actions for youths and younger adults, take a look at these sources.

8 MLK Day Actions for Your Elementary Classroom

You possibly can incorporate classes in regards to the lifetime of Martin Luther King Jr. into any elementary topic, from English language arts to social research. This assortment spans studying passages and writing prompts to participating, interactive actions. Add these sources to your lesson plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day or your college classes for Black Historical past Month.

Clip art of Martin Luther King Jr. gestures at the resource title and a thought bubble call-out that reads "Common Core Aligned!". The graphic is surrounded by a light blue sky and white cloud border.

Martin Luther King Jr. Emergent Reader & Facilities by Limars Stars

Grades: PreK-Ok | English Language Arts

A purple banner at the top  reads "MLK Jr. Day Activity Booklets."  A collection of worksheets are overlaid with clip art of a Black figure and a White figure holding a dark pink heart between them.

MLK Jr. Day Bulletin Board and Banner Writing and Drawing Exercise by Seasonably Major

Grades: PreK-2 | Social Research – Historical past

This clipart cover includes the title "Martin Luther King Jr." at the top, Dr. MLK speaking from a podium and gesturing at a globe, a line of students holding hands at the bottom, an orange polka dot outer border, and a green repeating half-circle inner border.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  Bundle by Butterfly Chalkboard

Grades: PreK-5 | English Language Arts

The resource title "The History of Martin Luther King Jr. Day" is on a black banner with a downwards facing pencil and the call out "PDFs and PNGs." Below are a collection of black and white worksheets and colorful slides interspersed with clipart students.

The Historical past of MLK Day by Learn Like a Rockstar

Grades: 1-5 | Social Research – Historical past

Across the top is the activity type, "Message Math Mystery Pictures," and along the bottom is subtitle "MLK Collection." The middle of the image shows completed math pictures that spell out the phrases MLK, LOVE, PEACE, DREAM, and EQUAL amid clipart of, facts about, and quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Math Exercise | MLK Colour by Quantity by Ford’s Board

Grades: 2-5 |  Math, Arithmetic

A black and white portrait drawing of MLK is shown with an American flag partially behind him. Along the side of the resource cover are the subject areas, "Reading & Social Studies." In the upper right hand corner is a box with a read border that reads "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Comprehension Park."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Studying Comprehension & Questions by The Lit Instructor

Grades: 2-6 | Social Research – Historical past

A photograph of the resource's printed worksheets with colorful pens and atop a red and white checkered cloth make up the bulk of the resource cover. Along the top is the book title this resource is aligned to, "Martin's Big Words," and the resource subtitle, "Read Aloud with Rigor Series."

Guide Companion Set for Martin’s Massive Phrases | Black Historical past Month Studying Exercise by Tanya G Marshall The Butterfly Instructor
Grades: 3-4 | Studying Methods

This resource cover has a blue background, the title "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Prompt," activity pages from the resource, and clip art of MLK, a penny, and the quotes, "I have a dream," and "We shall overcome."

MLK Jr. Writing Immediate by Academics R Superheroes

Not Grade Particular | Social Research, Writing

4 Center and Excessive Faculty Lesson Plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As college students become old, they’ve a deeper capacity to research, perceive, and mirror on Dr. King’s contributions and impression. Dive into MLK Jr.’s legacy with in-depth historic classes and actions that mix math and ELA with historical past. These MLK day actions can be utilized to honor and study Dr. King on his devoted day in January, throughout Black Historical past Month in February, or any lesson on the civil rights motion all year long.

This clipart resource cover with a white background shows an iPad with an activity page in the left hand corner, a computer screen with the interactive notebooks and MLK on it in the center, and the text "Martin Luther King, Jr. - No Prep for Google Slides" along the top.

Martin Luther King Jr Digital Interactive Pocket book for Google Slides by BVG SLP

Grades: 5-8 | English Language Arts, Speech Remedy

A black and white resource page from this MLK Jr. Day activity.

Martin Luther Luther King, Jr. Day Webquest by Cheryl Fenderson

Grades: 7-12 | U.S. Historical past

This "Collaborative Google Sheets Mosaics - Slope Intercept Form" resource shows the completed MLK mosaic with a QR code that leads to his speech. Features of the resource are listed in bullet points that read, " Auto-graded; No prep; Individual accountability; Collaborative motivation; Flexible class size; Distance learning." At the bottom is a black banner that says "Engage the whole class" with a large green checkmark.

Slope Intercept Type, MLK Google Sheets Collaborative Mosaic by CalfordMath

Grades: 8-10 | Algebra, Fractions, Geometry  

This text-filled resource cover has a dark and light green border, a white background, a small portrait of Dr. King layered with a newspaper image. The cover reads "Martin Luther King and the March on Washington (August 28, 1963)" in black sans serif font, "Newspaper Activity and Texts with Activities" in a green cursive font, and "Bundle of 2: Grades 9-12" in a black caps font.

Martin Luther King March on Washington Civil Rights Bundle – PRINT and EASEL by Diana Bailey

Grades: 9-12 | U.S. Historical past

Discover extra classroom-ready actions on TPT to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day together with your college students.

This publish, initially written in 2022, has been up to date for 2024.



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